Pictures of many locations on the North Coast of California, including the giant redwoods, the national parks and towns in the Eel River Valley

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Over 2,000 images of this wonderful Northern California place we call home.

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Pacific Sunset1933 viewsPhoto courtesy of Mike Johnson.
Winter Wonderland1945 viewsA view from Highway 36 just before dropping into Larabee Valley.
Photo courtesy of Mike Johnson
Moon over Half Moon Bay684 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Moonstone Beach Cave1445 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Gold Bluff2201 viewsAfternoon fog creeps over the Redwood Coast. It's that fog that keeps the redwood old growth forests so healthy.
Photo by Bob von Normann
Old Lewiston.jpg
Old Lewiston1759 viewsPhoto courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Elk Getting Comfortable Around the Little Red Schoolhouse Near Orick1222 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Pacific Breaker at the North Jetty1159 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Patrick's Point3112 views
Patrick's Point 19952972 viewsViggo Andersen most likely had no idea he'd soon make history in America when he left his family's home in Germany following World War I -- but he did just that as the first ranger/caretaker of Patrick's Point State Park north of Trinidad.
The decision to leave his home wasn't an easy one, but ... continued here
photo by Bob von Normann
Poppies!1736 viewsAnd boats bobbin' in the background!
Photo courtesy of Anita Marlin
In the Redwoods at Prairie Creek1260 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Point Arena1640 viewsPhoto courtesy of Darrell Foust.
Red Alder1766 viewsA stream and logging road. Red and white alder trees are commonly found near water in many areas on the north coast.
Richardson Grove1595 viewsThis is Highway 101, the only connection between Northern California and points south. Many of these giant redwood trees in Richardson Grove bear scars of their encounters with trucks and other vehicles, with the vehicles generally coming out second best. Highway 101 is popular with bicycle tourists. Some of these trees are right next to the fog line, pushing the bike riders into the roadway. The trees may be awe-inspiring, but the riders have to mingle with the 40MPH traffic coming around blind curves, and this area presents some of their scariest moments on their trip through the North Coast. Learn more from Caltrans on the Richardson Grove Improvement Project web site.
River View1824 viewsA summer fog provides vital moisture to the trees.
Photo by Bob von Normann
View From the Redwood Overlook in Redwood National Park1118 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Northern Spotted Owl3482 viewsAlthough this species is often referred to as a medium-sized owl, it ranks among the largest in North America. The average adult size is about 18 inches tall with a wing span of approximately 48 inches. They weigh between 17-29 ounces. The female is larger than the male.
As a result of declining habitat, there are 560 pairs in northern California. They may live as long as 10 years in the wild and up to 15-20 years in captivity. Northern spotted owls are typically found in old growth forests . Suitable spotted owl habitat includes old-growth forest areas with multi-layered canopies of trees that are high and open enough for the owls to fly between and underneath them. Preferred areas have large trees with broken tops, deformed limbs and large cavities, capable of supporting the owls´┐Ż nesting materials.
They enjoy a variety of prey, including flying squirrels, woodrats, mice and other small rodents. They also eat birds, insects and reptiles. These owls are very territorial and intolerant of habitat disturbance. Even though they do not migrate, they may shift their ranges in response to seasonal changes. Each pair needs a large amount of land for hunting and nesting. The biggest threat to the Northern spotted owl is loss of old growth forest habitat, as a result of logging and forest fragmentation. These threats are made even greater by natural disasters, such as fire, volcanic eruptions and wind storms.
Pacific Storm1883 viewsSharing your life with the Pacific Ocean is a pretty humbling experience. Photo courtesy of Anita Marlin
Table Bluff Sunset897 views Photo by Mike Shoys, prints available at
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