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We're Number One!1197 viewsIn 1856 there were nine mills on Humboldt Bay and they were producing more lumber than anyplace else on the coast. Eureka soon had the most "extensive lumber district in the state" according to a state report. Loggers and lumbermen were a creative bunch as evidenced by the numerous inventions locally that advanced logging technology. One such local inventor was John Dolbeer of the Dolbeer and Carson Lumber Company. His adaptation and patent of the steam donkey revolutionized logging on the entire west coast and beyond. His first donkey was patented in April 1882 and an "improved logging machine," the vertical spool donkey, in December of 1883. He also patented a logging locomotive at the same time. Fort Humboldt's Elk River & Lumber Co. No. 1 is a Dolbeer locomotive as is Bear Harbor No. 1. They are the only two that still exist.
Real Men Don't Wear Shirts1300 viewsLogging Competition at Fort Humboldt State Park.
Lookin' For a Home...1243 views
Contain Yourself1717 views
Bad Beach2959 views
Fields Landing1324 views
Steamboat Rock1746 viewsAlso known as Battleship Rock, near Cape Mendocino. And you're not seeing things, the rock is flying a flag. Some very brave individuals kayaked out there, scaled the cliff and put it there.
Mouth of the Bear River1461 viewsNear Capetown just north of Cape Mendocino.
Return of Gohdirah!!1237 viewsVirtually indestructible, impervious to all modern weaponry and shooting powerful atomic rays, this Demon of Destruction unleashes its ultimate horror on an unsuspecting but feisty populace!!
...Oh! ...uh, what?, this just in... eh, we're at the All Species Parade at uh, the North Country Fair on the Arcata Plaza, and uh, never mind . . . . . . and um, maybe that also explains the sponsor decals...
Pacifica1319 viewsPhoto by Erika Barnes
Ice Plant1563 viewsThe sandy beaches with their high humidity and moderate temperatures make an ideal habitat for this and other succulent ice plants (Carpobrotus edulis, Mesembryanthemum nodiļ¬‚orum, and M. crystallinum, all Aizoaceae). Also found in abundance are the colorful sand-verbena (Abronia spp.). Photo courtesy of Erika Barnes.
Moonstone Beach1830 viewsNear Westhaven. It doesn't get any better than this... Photo courtesy of Erika Barnes
Agate Beach2850 viewsArrived at by a steep, 1/3-mile trail, Agate Beach lives up to its name: you'll see many people sifting through the sand for the semiprecious stones.
Avenue of the Giants.jpg
Avenue of the Giants4392 viewsVisit for more information about the redwood trees.
Photo courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Avenue of the Giants7209 viewsHere's where you can drive through the redwood forests. It is now a scenic alternate, but the "Redwood Highway" was the main (and only) way to drive to points south. Logging trucks loaded with these behemoths, one log to a truck, would jockey for space on the roads. Many trees near the pavement carry scars. Visit to learn more about the redwood trees.
In the Redwoods on the Avenue of the Giants1894 viewsPhoto by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Among the Redwoods3843 viewsThe Avenue of the Giants offers more than the majesty of towering redwoods. The 31-mile route also passes through several small hamlets that give a glimpse into the history of Humboldt County. The towns along the Avenue, once closely tied to the timber industry, now rely more on the tourists who come to see the redwoods, swim in the Eel River and visit Humboldt Redwoods State Park. more
Image courtesy of Precision Intermedia.
Eel River View Along the Avenue of the Giants1641 viewsPhoto by Mike Shoys, prints available at
Redwood Forest Scene2700 viewsIt really does look like that...
More here about the redwood trees. This scan was done in 1998; as soon as we rediscover the original photo we'll rescan it to full screen.
Photo by Bob von Normann
Paul Bunyan and Babe2214 views"I stand in the parking lot of Trees of Mystery near Klamath as two German tourists, doubled over in laughter, photograph each other gazing oxward at the underside of an anatomically correct Babe."
"Paul Bunyan and his ilk don't rule this land anymore. Trees of Mystery, with Paul, Babe and its private forest full of talking and amplified musical redwoods, is just one of this region's throwbacks to a time -- before we all became twitchy -- when drive-through-trees, burlwood carved bears and Sasquatch footprints were exciting stuff. There are a few of those hollowed out trees left, some dying, and the logging industry is staggering after battles with environmentalists over clearcutting."
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