Pictures of many locations on the North Coast of California, including the giant redwoods, the national parks and towns in the Eel River Valley

All About Fortuna, the Friendly City!

Over 2,000 images of this wonderful Northern California place we call home.

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Table Bluff State Highway1308 viewsBefore this road was built, the stagecoach went around the bluff, but only during low tide. The passengers were asked to walk along the beach so the horses would have an easier time pulling the wagon through the sand. Today we have four lanes and zip over the bluff in minutes and no longer have the need to stay overnight before undertaking the arduous twenty-mile journey home. Most hotels in Fortuna were closed by the mid-fifties.
Years ago, an oldtimer told us that he would borrow the family car when he was courting a girl in Eureka. The car had a gravity fed gas tank, fastened to the firewall above the carburator. Some parts of this road were so steep that if the gas was low in the tank the engine would starve from lack of fuel. The resourceful lad would then back up the hill. And you thought only your son, after borrowing your car, left you just enough gas to back out of the driveway...
NWP Train at South Bay (Fields Landing), 19111263 viewsJohn Vance and Wallace Fields got into a snit and that's why there were two town names for a while.
Scotia and #9 Heisler Geared Steam Locomotive, ca. 19601197 viewsA proud old-timer retired with honors and now standing guard over the Scotia Museum (ex- Community Center). #9 was built to carry excursionists to the top of Mt. Tamalpais over the steep and winding Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad; once considered to be the ultimate in pleasure and excitement. She later went to work in the woods of Northern California and is now the proud property of Pacific Lumber Company.
Alderpoint Railroad Depot, 19171553 views
Van Duzen River Railroad Bridge - early 1920?1193 viewsThe railroad bridge still exists today. On the left is the county bridge which was replaced in 1924.
Eel River Mercantile in Scotia1263 viewsIn front of Mill A, about where the Scotia Shopping Center is located today.
Fortuna in its Early Days1347 views
Dyerville Railroad Bridge (?)1253 viewsWe're still trying to confirm this one. The railroad does not cross the South Fork, this would be the main stem of the Eel. But the Dyerville area was and still is called South Fork. This bridge would have been destroyed during the 1955 and 1964 floods.
FUHS Student Team1213 viewsJune, 1909
NE Corner 15th and K Streets, ca. 19101101 viewsBrissey Family (?) Residence
View From a Hill1036 viewsThe early days of Fortuna. It must have been foggier then.
Woodcock Residence ca. 19101040 viewsGeorge Woodcock home on Newburg Road
Unknown Residence1038 views
1907 View of Fortuna1791 viewsView above 9th and 10th Streets. The two very large buildings in the center of the photograph are the Grammar and High Schools. At the right is the Springville Mill, located on what was then called Spring Street. The lumber mill was later renamed the Fortuna Milling Company.
A Plane View of Fortuna, ca. 19672001 viewsAvailable in many Fortuna stores and gift shops, this was a popular postcard to send home to friends and family. The mill on the west end of town was still in operation. In a few years, the railroad depot, that yellow building behind the trees a block to the left of the smoke plume from the mill tepee burner, would be moved to Rohner park and converted to a museum.
NWP Railroad Depot ca. 19141192 viewsThe horses and the 'iron horse' NWP #13 are patiently waiting for their next journeys. Note the carriage with the surrey top parked next to the depot's front door. This was 'rapid transit' at its finest!
The NWP Depot was located at the foot of 8th Street with the tracks running next to the bank of the Eel River. As seen by the milk cans next to the freight wagon, the daily trains were crucial to getting local products to market.
Good Old Days...1255 viewsFrom 10th and Main Streets looking east.
Art Ray picture
NWP Railroad Depot ca. 19101063 views
Unknown Residence1063 views
A Busy Day in Fortuna!1753 viewsIt's probably the Fourth of July Parade in 1911, and everyone would be dressed up in their Sunday best. The downtown area would be decorated with flags, bunting and redwood trees. The parade would start at the railroad depot promptly after the arrival of the southbound train and would wend its way to the eastern edge of the City. This photo was taken from the porch roof of the Star Hotel, looking east. The ladies are crossing Main street at the 11th Street intersection.
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