Pictures of many locations on the North Coast of California, including the giant redwoods, the national parks and towns in the Eel River Valley

All About Fortuna, the Friendly City!

Over 2,000 images of this wonderful Northern California place we call home.

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Album: In and Around Fortuna


Here are just a few images that show why Fortuna's such a great place to live, to raise a family, to work, to enjoy the friendly people and the incredible natural beauty of the area. But there's a lot of intangible things other than the five square miles that make up this wonderful city that we can't show you.

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Album: In the Area


Good stuff. Some photos were taken near Fortuna, some not so near.

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Album: David Thomson Photos


Photos in this album are courtesy of David Thomson. David has a great eye for composition and we are privileged to see a tiny part of his work here. He captured this image in Ferndale's Russ Park, this is Zipporah's Pond. Have you been to Russ Park? It's a jewel, take the time to go visit.

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Album: Wayne Yazzolino Photos


This album includes photos taken in the areas of the Lost Coast, Big Sur, Lassen and Trinity Alps. These photos are courtesy of Wayne Yazzolino.

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Album: Miscellaneous


Files not yet posted to other albums...

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Album: Apple Harvest Festival

apple harvest fire truck ride.jpg

For over twenty years the Apple Harvest Festival has been celebrated throughout Fortuna. The Disaster Preparedness Fair is also a part of this event and its photos are included in this album.

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Album: AutoXpo Past Winners


Album courtesy of Bobbie's Photography in Fortuna.

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Album: AutoXpo - 2002


Album courtesy of RGCardella.

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Album: AutoXpo - 2003

Best of Show-1.jpg

Album courtesy of RGCardella.

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Album: AutoXpo - 2004


Car pictures courtesy of RGCardella

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Album: AutoXpo - 2005


Pictures courtesy of RGCardella

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Album: Historic Images of Fortuna and the Area


A hundred year's worth of pictures of Fortuna and the area, found in the Depot Museum, starting in the late 1800's. That's Henry Rohner's house on the left. The Hunan Village Restaurant sits on this lot today, on Main Street at the north end of 15th Street.

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Album: Historic Newspaper, the Eel River Advance of May 30, 1896

yucca root soaps.jpg

These are the advertisements, we've listed some of the articles in the site's historical section.

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Album: Rodeo 2005 Chili Cookoff


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Album: Rodeo 2005 Parade


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Album: Rodeo 2005 Downtown Events


The downtown events include fun for the entire family and for the entire week. The games include a stick horse race, the egg toss, outhouse races, firemen's competition and the penny scramble.

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Album: Rodeo 2005 Kidnapped Tourists


Lyle and Janeine Gray from Chico are kidnapped and sentenced to be wined and dined for the duration of the festival. Story here.

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Album: Rodeo 2006 Parade


High-res files available at

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Album: Rodeo 2007 Parade


The Rodeo Parade on a warm and muggy day. High resolution files are available at

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Album: Rodeo 2008 Parade


Another fun event in Fortuna! But a problem soon showed itself: the image contrast ratio became much higher as the shoot progressed. It was apparent that we no longer had control of the camera's choice of settings. This was later solved with a re-installation of the camera's software, and before we uploaded the images to this album we lightened them up a bit.

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Album: Rodeo 2009 Parade


Another marvelous Rodeo parade!

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Album: Rodeo 2010 Parade


It was a glorious day in Fortuna, and according to the Times-Standard newspaper, "Fortuna's Main Street was filled with the sounds of sirens, rumbling tractors, marching bands and clopping hooves Saturday during the annual Rodeo Parade, believed by some to be the best parade north of Pasadena. Under a cloudless sky, the parade seemed to have a little something for everyone, as antique cars, mounted patrols, floats, bands and even a pack-line of mules made their way up Main Street. Kids scrambled in the street to pick up candy tossed by passing paraders, as adults soaked up the early afternoon sun while sitting on lawn chairs and bleachers as they watched the parade go by."
We couldn't say it any better!

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Album: Civil War Days 1999 - Battle of Spotsylvania


These re-enactments featured the 'Mule Shoe' and 'The Bloody Angle' events during the Battle of Spotsylvania.

Pictures courtesy of Rick and Joanne Center, Linda and Phil Dickson

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Album: Civil War Days 2002 - Battle of Seven Pines


The smoke wasn't only from the muskets and cannons but also from the half-million-acre Biscuit Fire in Oregon.

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Album: Civil War Days 2003 - Battle of Mechanicsville

thousand yard stare.jpg

And once again there were hazy skies during part of the weekend, this time caused by the Canoe Creek Fire and Honeydew Fire a few miles to the south.

Most pictures courtesy of RGCardella.

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Album: Civil War Days 2008 and the submarine "HL Hunley"


One of Northern California's favorite events, again back in Fortuna! Civil War Days 2008 took place in the "bowl" next to the Eel River and behind Fortuna's River Lodge Conference Center. The Rotary Club of Fortuna Sunrise co-sponsored the event. A replica of the Confederate "HL Hunley" submarine, the first submarine to sink a warship in battle, was part of the show. The sub was a full-sized replica with a drop-down side showing the inside of the ship.

All photos by David Thomson.

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Album: Fire Fighter Muster Parade 2004


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Album: Fire Fighter Muster Parade 2006


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Star Hotel, Corner of 11th and Main Streets1192 viewsLove that shadow effect on the "Star Hotel" lettering. And check out that period on the end! This two-story building was built in 1876 by W.J. McKenna, and was named after Andrew and Jacob Starrar of Mad River, who raised the elk that likely was Fortuna's meat supply at this time. There's a connection here to the Lost Dutchman's Mine, looks like Andrew may even have owned most of the town at one time and sold part of it to Henry Rohner, we're researching it, will post more info when we have it.
Main floor from left to right: Candy store, North Drugstore, Star Hotel lobby (the rooms were upstairs), Newell & McIntyre General Store. The Star Hotel was a popular destination in Fortuna from the 1880's to the 1950's and was known for its fine dining and friendly service. A journey from Eureka to Fortuna around the turn of the century was not just a little jaunt down the road. A trip would take hours and many times people from surrounding towns would spend the night not wanting to make the trip twice in one day. It was also used as a meeting and resting spot for those coming into town for the day. The hotel went out of business in the mid-1950's. This building is still being used today by a number of businesses.
From the Redwood Empire Association Booklet, early 1940s: "A popular hotel located in the center of Fortuna on the Redwood Highway. Steam heated and with all conveniences. A good coffee shop in connection catering to tourists and vacationists. Excellent steelhead fishing in the Eel River, nearby. Rates: $1.00 to $1.50 without bath; $1.75 to $2.50 with bath. Open all year."
For Lilac Lovers1142 viewsWater hyacinth
the rohnerville laundry.jpg
The Rohnerville Laundry182 views
Fortuna Union High School Marching Band1663 viewsThe band marched and won an award at the Golden Gate Bridge Opening in 1937.
First Row, left to right: Donald Woodcock, Donald Neuhaus, Clair Jachnig, Duncan Graham, Jack Amen, Francis Farrar, Bill Burke, Anna Read, George Bronson, Mary Lozensky, Alvie Andreucci, Charles Hyney, Floyd Lewis and Clyde Williams.
Second Row: Leroy Dougherty, Joan Read, Victor Soares, Junior Jones, Ardis Jasper, Willard Mullan, Lloyd Anderson, Henry Trione, Alan Lufkin, Dan Spiegle, Eldon Wright, Audrey Townsend and Catherine McNaughton.
Third Row: Norma Fulmor, George Brenner, Bruce Alexander, Raymond Marks, Imodell France, Evelyn Biasca, Lorene Nicholson, Jean Hazelton, Carolyn Comfort, Alfred Kachler, Ernest Hansen, Helen Newell and Charles Jaehnig.
Fourth Row:Don MacMillan, Peggy Reeves, Zane Epps, Harold Pollard, Audry Chase, Sylvia Finch, Lawrence Fauerbach, Bud Myers, Evaline Hanson, Frank Friedenbach, Ted Krieg, Douglas Edgmon, Gladys Grove and Sewell Lufkin.
Fifth Row: Dick Bendell, Norman Grunert, Merlin Marvel, Jane McNaughton, Leland Hough, Phyllis Peterson, Kenneth Langlois, Frances Fulmor, Jeanne Bendorf, Eleanor Ross, Nancy Bendorf, Anna Jane Ross and Beverly Bendorf.
Sixth Row: Walter Filby, Joe Giacomini, Ellis Campbell, Gordon Davis, George Jones, Paul Allen, Catherine Wright, Gino Benetti, Dale Livingston, Leroy Scott, Nello Barsanti, Sam Pond, Jack Sutherland and Leo Berti.

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